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Suzanne can be reached directly at (480) 912-3618
or by Email at SuzanneSerlin  @  gmail.com
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I had the absolute good fortune to attend small group sessions with Suzanne Serlin.  I went into it not knowing what to expect or what I would get out of it.  I can attest that Suzanne is wonderful, I feel so much more connected in every sense of the word to my heart and brain.

Suzanne is insightful and very knowledgeable in all aspects of Life, yes, I said Life that’s how I see it, any & every aspect of life, Suzanne can coach you through. She is so much more than any one discipline. The techniques I have learned are priceless.  I know that I will continue to seek her tutelage.

If you have the opportunity to attend a session with Suzanne, I hope that you will not hesitate, it could transform your outlook in the most positive way.  I am happy to speak with you directly should you have any questions or just want to know more.
Lourdes D’Sylva  www.LyumphaLifeAZ.com   Ph. 480.420.4981

Suzanne is a little ball of positivity.  She knows how to manifest.   In her class, I met wonderful people. I learned how to calm my mind, stay positive, release negative emotions, and focus on what matters. 

Be Good --> See Good
Be Light --> See Light
- Megan D.

I had been angry with my mother my whole life. I met with Suzanne Serlin and after only one session I noticed I had released that negative emotion because when I saw a post my mother had written on Facebook I had the urge to call her. It was the first time I had spoken with her in 3 years. After our conversation I realized that my anger had turned into concern for my mother's well being. Thank you, Suzanne.” - L.S., Realtor, Scottsdale

"Suzanne has been extremely helpful to me, my business and family. In just 2 weeks my confidence in myself has soared. My business has blossomed. People are calling me to help them with their financial goals. New business partners are thanking me for showing them my business opportunity. My family is having so much fun and are laughing. I'm excited for my future and what life is easily bringing to me. Thank you, Suzanne." - Kelly Bennett www.primerica.com/kellybennett

"Suzanne Serlin has helped me tremendously with her Hypnotherapy Sessions.  After my spouse passed away December 27th, I started crying uncontrollably for 4 months straight.  My doctors and the grief counselor assured me that this was normal.

Well, this did not feel normal to me.  After 1 session with Suzanne, the crying subsided and was less frequent.  I could start living a more normal life and stopped crying at a moment's notice.

Thank you Suzanne for helping me have a better quality of life again." -V.G., Scottsdale

"I so appreciate you, your love and dedication to assisting my shift to being me!  After only two sessions with Suzanne I'm feeling lighter on my feet, this I noticed while we practiced our dancing.  I felt like I could dance all night!  Also my love life with my husband is much better!

When I walk the treadmill my body feels lighter instead of how it felt in the past a bit of a challenge to get moving.  I feel comfortable in speaking my opinion and speaking to others period, instead of keeping my words to myself as I did in the past."  - D.N., Business Executive

"Suzanne helped me to turn around all my negative outlooks and to  see and experience  the wonderful outcomes that could be possible with positive intention.  Thanks" - S.B., Mortgage Broker

“When I first met Suzanne, I liked her personality and energy, but didn’t see a need for her help.  Over time I got to know Suzanne better and to hear more of her success stories with other clients.  I have a home-based business that was keeping me pretty busy but not bringing in the money that I needed or wanted.  So I finally decided to trust Suzanne to see if she could help me.  She was able to help me remove the blockage that was keeping me from charging the rates that my work deserves.  My business income has doubled this year even with the current economic situation.  Thanks, Suzanne!”  - N.V., Business Owner

"Two years ago I had the pleasure of being a client of Suzanne Serlin.  She worked closely with me and has assisted me in changing my life completely. I no longer worry about things that happened in the past.  I have been able to enjoy each day and my life and family are thriving because of her assistance.  My only regret is that I didn't meet and work with Suzanne at a much earlier age. But at the same time, my life has gone in a new direction and I am enjoying every minute!!!"  - T.P., Corporate Executive

"I have seen a drastic change in my life since I first started working with Suzanne. Before working with Suzanne I spoke very slowly, consciously making sure I was always saying the right thing, I was always unnecessarily over concerned with what everyone thought of me, especially my family. I was paralyzed, I was living my life how others around me expected me to live. Seeing Suzanne has turbo charged my confidence and has greatly improved my family relationships. Its been amazing to see that the more I am myself the better my relationships in all aspects of life seem to get. I am so grateful for the changes that I have seen in my life. If your seriously interested in changing your life give Suzanne a call today, you owe it to yourself."  - B.L.

"I met with Suzanne who assisted me in changing my thought patterns for business and relationships, and I am feeling and acting great. I have never had anything make such a difference in my life such as the techniques that Suzanne used on me. I am now excelling in business and relationships. I am a new person.  Thank you Suzanne"  - R. F., Real Estate Developer

"Suzanne asked me if I would feel free to write her a reference letter:  I replied with a resounding 'YES.'  Being a physician, I don’t feel comfortable seeking assistance from others for issues that were making my life uncomfortable. I met with Suzanne just three times. During those sessions, she treated me with professional, compassionate care, filled with wisdom. She let me do the talking and led me through some very effective exercises, and I left each time feeling like huge burdens had been lifted. They have not returned which is the ONLY reason I haven’t been back to see her.  I would recommend her highly as a speaker, healer, and coach. She comes to you with dedication, humor, and a desire to have people live extraordinary lives." - M. M., M.D.

"My work with Suzanne and the Timeline was enlightening. I was able to connect with my desire to be in my life to enjoy and learn. I then became committed to my new business.  What a gift!"
 - Owner, Your Authentic Voice

Pre/Post Surgery Testimonials:

I was extremely anxious because I was facing extensive surgery. I met with Suzanne one time who used medical hypnotherapy for me to become calm and relaxed throughout the whole surgery process. The pre-op nurses could not get over how calm and relaxed I was right before the surgery. After the 7-hour surgery, the post-op nurses and the surgeon were amazed that I needed so little pain medication. The surgeon was so impressed that he has invited Suzanne to work with his staff and is recommending her to his patients. I am now facing life with more peace and joy.  - Gloria V., RN

I was able to meet with Suzanne the day before I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee.  I had double menisucus tears and I really only had a short time to adjust to the idea of having surgery after the injury.  As with any surgery, I had concerns about outcomes.  I had my session with Suzanne focusing on relaxation, comfort and ease of recovery through hypnosis.  On the day of surgery, one of the nurses asked if I had a pre-op relaxer because I looked so calm:  I hadn't and yet felt very relaxed and calm.  My healing is progressing well and I am easily doing my therapy with minimal distress and discomfort.  I told my Dr. about the pre-op hypnosis and he is now referring other patients to Suzanne, especially if they are anxious about their upcoming surgery. - Pam L., RN

I was in the hospital and found out that I needed surgery.  I called Suzanne and she was able to do a hypnotic process especially for pre-surgery over the telephone with me.  The next morning while in pre-surgery, I realized how calm and relaxed I was, instead of my usual anxiety.  After the surgery, I was amazed at how great I felt!  Since then I seem to be healing much quicker than I expected.  Thank you so much, Suzanne! - N.V., Business Owner

“I had always been skeptical of the work that you do, but since my husband insisted that I meet with you before my knee surgery, I decided to give it a try.  Thanks to your expertise, I was extremely pleased to feel very little pain in my healing and the doctor said I healed very quickly. 
As an extra bonus, I’m hitting the golf ball longer and straighter than I ever did before.  I know I will refer you to anyone I know who is facing surgery or who wants to improve their golf game.” 
- R.S., Amateur Golfer

“Before I had my cosmetic surgery, I was pulled in two different directions.  I was excited about getting my new body but I was petrified on how I would turn out especially since I bruise so easily and had no idea how long it would take me to recover.  After meeting with Suzanne I felt much calmer and learned how to focus on how I did want to look.  After the surgery, the doctor told me
it went very easily and he was amazed how quickly I healed.  I also had very little bruising.  Thank you, Suzanne.  I know have the body I always dreamed of and feel perfectly fine.”
- R.B., Airline Executive

Other Medical Testimonials:

“I called you in great fear because the doctors had found a spot on my lung and were meeting me the following week to schedule surgery.  You immediately came to my home, worked with me, and helped discover when I had made the decision to have negative things happen to my body.  When I went back to the doctor, he found nothing on the new x-ray and dismissed me.  Since I have found and removed the root cause of all my illnesses, I am now finding my life to be healthier and happier.  Thank you Suzanne.”  - A.S., Business Owner

"I have been having trouble with my knee, and I went to Suzanne for a treatment. She worked with me, and through the process, I realized I was clearing out many emotional issues I had been carrying from years ago. By the time we were done, my knee was much better, and has continued to heal. And as a bonus, I am now better able to focus on my goals. I highly recommend Suzanne's treatments to assist you in moving out of stuckness and into mobility."
- L.C., Business Owner

"I came to Suzanne with the condition known as Trichotillomania which meant that I had attacks of uncontrollable pulling out of my hair.  In only a few sessions you assisted me in getting to the root cause of the condition and I learned the strategies to control the compulsive behavior from ever occurring again.  Thank you, Suzanne!" - S.P., Real Estate Executive

“I had a severe allergy to cats and had to use an inhaler when I visited people who had cats in their homes. I’m single and met a man that I liked very much but he owned two cats. I wanted to be with him, yet didn’t want him to know of my allergy. I met with Suzanne and after one session, I did not have any reaction when I visited my date at his home. One year later, I am no longer seeing him, but am still cat allergy free. Thanks, Suzanne!” - J. J., Pharmacist

Suzanne can be reached directly at (480) 912-3618
or by Email at SuzanneSerlin  @  gmail.com
(eliminate spaces around the @ sign)

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